Saturday, January 30, 2010

Artful Thursday

I wanted to do some sewing for my second Artful Thursday. I have a few quilt tops that need to be worked on

However, I didn't get to the quilt tops.  I ended up sewing a small tote bag that I'd cut the pieces for ... erm, months ago.

I have bunches of these - I use them to hold knitting projects and other stuff.  They're the perfect size.  The plaid fabric in this is one of my favorites - I couldn't find much, so I bought all the store had.  The inside pocket's made from a cut off piece of my old jeans.  I really enjoy using bits of old clothes and scraps of fabric I've saved from my mom's stuff...

I also needed to put new belt loops on my pants; I'm short and curvy, so my pants never go in enough at the waist.  I put in a dart at the center back, but that got rid of the center-back belt loop.  I used some of the old jeans fabric and a snippet from the quilt I made for Geordie's mom for Christmas.

They fit so much better now!!

I've found that two things never change in my life.  First, my kitties are involved.

Second, I'm never far from my friends online. 


I've done some more work on the Altered Puzzle I did last week.  I added some other edges and I refined some of the internal parts of the pieces.

I'm not sure I'm satisfied with it.  I think I'll paint the inside of the bottom left corner white, as a spot for a signature.  I like the pieces with shading - I'm thinking of calling it Lost Map and making every piece look like it's from a different part of a map.  I have several favorites, so far.

I'm working on it a little at a time during the week.  I'll post more when it's done.



tamdoll said...

Wow! You've had a busy Thursday! I also finished up a tote bag for my project today.

I like your idea to add a pretty belt loop (I need to replace some of mine that I ripped off when I use them to pull my pants up.)

Julie Collings said...

great fabrics for your bag and how fun to be using your mom's fabric stash.

i am really trying to make thursdays be just for me to play and experiment. there is always the nagging project and work to be done. it is hard to let those go...

SongBird said...


I love having the pretty belt loops. I'm thinking of cutting off all of the old ones and putting new ones on. I also think I'd like to try altering some jeans - maybe stencils or embroidery? Why do I keep wearing such plain clothes? *grin*


SongBird said...


I do enjoy working with my mom's stash. I had the chance to go through it before she died, so I have lots of good memories of her.