Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Working on resolutions

One of the things I'd like to do over the next few weeks is catalogue my In Progress projects.  I know I have more than is ... sensible, let alone finishable.  I want to bring my WIP list down to a manageable level.

(At this point, it's overwhelming and is making me feel defeated before I even start other things, so it's long past time I cleared things out.)

As part of that, I'll be clearing out clutter from the house.  I think that today, while I'm running several loads of laundry (that chore never goes away!), I'll concentrate on the side chair and the area around it.  I tend to toss things I need to put aside while I'm sitting on the couch onto the side chair.  It's way out of control.

I know there have been several photo-free posts in a row now, but I'm not sure I want to start with a picture of the horrible chair.  I should, huh, so you can all cheer me on as I make progress!


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