Monday, January 04, 2010

Resolutions and a Fresh Start

This is... these are things I've been thinking about for the past few months. I'm not happy with the way I've been sort of drifting through weeks rather than getting enough done. I want to be more productive, less wasteful and more aware of what I'm doing and what's going on around me.

So I have been thinking of New Year's Resolutions and Goals. Sometimes I think I prefer the word 'Goals', but not everything I want to change is a goal - some of them are simply changes I'd like to try to make. None of these come with "failure" attached; if I don't do well at them today or this week, I can work harder at them next week. One of the reasons people (me) seem to fail at Resolutions is that they seem so Absolute: From Now On I Will Never (do something I've been doing every day of my life)!!!

Well, that doesn't work. (Trust me. *grin*)

I've been generating a mental list, slowly and thinkily. If I think of something I'd like to do or change several times, then I try to make sure it remains on my List. What I've got now is this:

I want to have less clutter around me.

(This is something I've struggled with for years.) However, I think I'm in the right sort of place, physically, mentally and time-of-life-wise to actually begin to toss stuff out. I don't need the money from selling every tiny snippet of stuff, so I can donate it or toss it without worrying that next month's rent is going to be short if I do. Plus, I can't do many of the other things I want to do with all this clutter around me. One of these things is that I want to be able to have people over for dinner and for hanging out and right now that's difficult.

I want to be more organized.

This is separate from the above list item because it's not about stuff. This one is about not missing deadlines, or having to stay up until 3am the night before a test. I want to know where things are in the house and not lose paperwork. Even if this means I have to start making lists of which DVD's we have (and then keep it on my computer and in my iTouch), that's okay. I work well off of To Do lists - why not use that ability and extend it? Use a calendar/date book and put things in it.

I want to exercise more.

Again, something I've thought about many times. This time, I do like being on the bike, so one of the biggest hurdles is gone. I just need to develop the habit, and that's simply force of will. Also, I'll need the right gear - mud guards, a head-wrap-thing so the cold doesn't give me a splitting headache... but even without those things, I like the biking. So this time it feels doable. (I hated the gym. It was boring and miserable and I didn't fit in the machines and I never got the endorphin rush everyone talks about. All I got was boredom. Bleh.)

I want to stop spending money on things I don't need.

This is directed mainly at craft supplies. I have an awful lot of supplies; I want to see how long I can go without buying any. I don't mean 'not buying any because I'm not doing any crafts', I mean continuing to make the things I want to, but without purchasing new supplies. This will mean being creative, sometimes, in how I do things or what I can make. That's okay. That's good, in fact, as the whole point of being creative is ... being creative, so if I have to use something in a new, different, unexpected way, that's all to the good, isn't it? (If I put things up on etsy and they sell and I need new supplies for that, no problem. If I've run out of, say, glue, I'll buy glue. I'm not crazy, just trying to "shop my stash".) This will, of course, include yarn! (This will also include Finishing Current Projects, as it's one way to not buy something for a new one...)

I want to cook us better, fresher foods, with a wider variety of recipes.

Self-explanatory, no? (Recording the recipes used and whether or not they were successful should be included here - wouldn't it be nice to have Our Own Recipe book?)


There will be more on the list, but I think this really covers the basics. I know there are short-term goals (and I haven't put in school, because that feels like it goes into a different list altogether, but I will be working on that as well.) Also, there are projects I have in mind that don't go on this list. (Things like: next Christmas, I hope to be buried in the end of my first semester in Nursing school. If I want decorations, I should make them in the next couple of months and set them aside, so all I have to do next year is pull them out for Instant Decorated House.)


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