Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Holiday Pictures...

Well, I'd forgotten to post these pictures - I finished the quilt for Geordie's mom as well as the shawl for her. 

The quilt is about 55" by 65" or so, and I think I'll be making one for us very soon.  At least, I hope to.

Her shawl is a good size - don't judge its size by the person currently holding it.  I'm only 4'9", so everything looks big on me.  I think it's about 60" across, though.  She's said she wore it as soon as it arrived, which was before Christmas.  (I was very flattered.  Apparently the quilt immediately landed on her bed.)

I just heard about this great thing that The Adventures of BlueGirl XO is doing - she calls it Artful Thursdays.  The idea is that, in an attempt to help clear out her craft room and to finally get to all the fun projects that have been put off (forever), she's going to work on something creative every Thursday and then blog about it.  Not every entry needs to be a tutorial; photos of the action is good enough.

She's got a lovely button, but I'll have to learn how to make it into a link (I'm still learning how much I have to learn about Blogger!).

I really want to do this - Thursdays have been my "day off" for years now, so I'm looking forward to working on something creative instead of filling the day with endless errands.  I'll buy groceries Friday.  Thursdays are now for making things!


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