Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm pretty excited about Artful Thursdays.  It's funny, but I've found that if I don't make something - not just start it, but work all the way through to the end - at least several times a week, I get cranky and irritable.  Clearly, I'm hoping this will help my mood.  *grin*  Especially as it gets closer to the start of Nursing School.

So, in anticipation of my first one tomorrow, I've been dithering about trying to figure out which craft I want to do and how much straightening up my craft room needs (other than more than I can face right now, of course).

One thing I've seen is Altered Puzzles - I really like the way Phizzychick does it.  Yesterday I bought three 25 piece puzzles at the Dollar Tree; I might start one of these tomorrow.  I'll peel the colored paper off one today - maybe even paint it with a thin white base coat, just for prep.

There's so much sewing I want to do as well, but maybe that can wait.

Okay, I'm headed upstairs to make some clear space, organize my supplies and prep my puzzle.  Art for me!  Yay.

Oh, so this isn't entirely photo-free, here's a picture of some abstract paintings I did months ago, when I was feeling less overwhelmed by things.  The set of three if hanging on one narrow wall, but the two curved ones need two more to become the set of four they are in my head.  Maybe I'll finish that today, so I can get that off my mental plate!


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