Thursday, February 11, 2010

Artful Thursday

I feel really bad about not posting, but I've been working on school things, and, well, haven't been making things much.  In the end, not being creative makes me irritable, so I'm back at the sewing machine today.  I'm going to finish the quilt I showed in my last post.  I'd also like to make some miniature books or maybe some pretty odds and ends from polymer clay. 

Part of what I'm struggling with on these Thursdays is making something fun for myself; I'm very used to looking at my list of what to make and choosing a project that's been languishing that's for someone else, or something that I've let sit because I'm not interested in it right now, so the Artful thing becomes Work again.  I have to almost force myself to do something less Work and more Fun.

Why is this so hard?



tamdoll said...

I hear you!!!! I am determined to make this Artful Thursday into something fun & to look forward to it.

I think we're trained, as women to take care of others first, clean up, finish work before relaxing, blah blah... (no matter how modern, we're still fighting against stereotypes - it will take 100's of years until we forget these things!)

Good luck making it work - I'm finding that making it a priority helps - for my creative sanity - if for not other reason.


SongBird said...


I think I need to choose special projects for my Thursdays - not wait until the night before or the day of to pick what I want to work on. That leads to feeling bad about not doing the "work" projects.

I'll make a list of things I've seen but haven't wanted to 'waste' the time on and start working on those!