Monday, February 15, 2010

Art for myself

So, I've mentioned struggling to make things for myself rather than getting work done on Projects For Other People.  

Before I talk about this more, I want to show you a little photo album I'm making about our recent trip to the snow.  I've lived most of my life in California, so driving through heavy snow (and playing in it) was pretty cool.

Another thing I realized, last Thursday, is that I'm putting off being creative on other days in the week because "I'm going to be doing crafty stuff on Thursday, so I shouldn't do it now." ... in other words, I've been not letting myself be creative during the week because I'm doing Artful Thursdays.


That's not the point of this.  I'm surprised (and a bit appalled) at how quickly I stop letting myself be creative.  It's like I feel as if I "don't have permission" to be creative, regardless of the reality of my life - which allows for days and days of creative time.  My honey Geordie wouldn't mind at all if he came home and the house was still cluttered, but I'd spent the day making interesting things.  So... why do I keep thinking I "have to get work done"?

(Not that I wouldn't like a cleaner, less cluttered house...)

Anyway - I have pictures of the little sewing I got done on Thursday. 

 I wasn't being too careful about things; I was more interested in doing the quilting than making things perfect, so there are wrinkles and oddities all over.  I'm not sure I care, right now.  It felt good to get some sewing done, and the quilt is for us at home, so if it's not perfect, we won't care.  It'll keep us warm and brighten up our living room.

Eventually, I had to stop sewing.  The quilt kept getting stuck.

 I can't imagine what was getting in the way.


I finished the quilting and almost got the binding done today, so I'll post pictures tomorrow!

Okay.  Time for bed!


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