Thursday, April 08, 2010

Stash acquisition!

I went shopping yesterday at Keepsake Quilting, and its sister shop, Patternworks. I got, well, lots of things. I also went to The Elegant Ewe, for more locally sourced yarns.

Locally grown and spun wool and alpaca.  The blue yarn is wool from New Hampshire sheep and the brown is alpaca from the next town over from Concord, NH. 

Cute little pack of fat eights.  I think I'll make coasters and scrappy napkins?

I liked this yardage calculator.  The yarn is made of milk protein fiber and soy!  Very cool, don't you think?

I liked these fat quarters, but they don't really go together.  They'll go with something I have at home, I'm sure of it.

Pre-cut hexies!!  There are 100 - what can I make with them?  I have no idea how big the hexes will be...

I've wanted die-cuts from this company for years.  I'm really pleased with my butterflies.

Strangely, fish in New Hampshire seem to taste strongly of strawberry candy.  *grin*

These are 10" squares.  I think there might be enough, if I add some strips of solids, to make a quilt  out of each pack!  Yay for more quilts!

Tomorrow, we're going to see what's up north. I've been to a few places in northern New Hampshire, but it was snowing and dark, so I didn't actually see much. I've heard it's really pretty and I'd love to see it.

I've taken pictures of the Boston Aquarium and other local pretty places - I'll try to post those as well.

I hope everyone's having a good week.



tamdoll said...
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tamdoll said...

Came here from the Artful Thursdays link & found you've been right in my neighborhood! There's a bunch of great yarn and quilt shops within driving distance of Concord next time you're in the area (Yarn & Fiber Company in Derry & Peggy Anne's Quilting in Concord). Those yarns look great, can't wait to see what you make with them.

SongBird said...

Tamdoll! I wish I'd known you were local; I'd at least have waved in your general direction.

I'll be back, sometime in mid-June, so I'll definitely check out the quilt shop in Concord and the store in Derry.

I liked Keepsake Quilting, but going there was more a chance to see the place I get the catalogs from. (Although, the sale wall was pretty fun!) I really like the fabrics in the quilt shop in Portsmouth - Portsmouth Fabric, I think it's called.

Geordie loves New Hampshire, so we go there somewhat regularly.