Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I've promised myself I'm going to be better about this, and I keep not pushing myself about it.

I will cycle every day. Around the island I live on is 6 miles and mostly flat. Most of it is quite pretty, even with the horrible headwind off the bay. I made it today - 6 miles in 35 minutes. Tomorrow I'm going to do it again. Friday also, but Monday, I'm going to see if I can make it one and a half times around. If I can, I'll give myself two days at that level, then see how much further I can go. If I'm going to get stronger and lose weight, I'm certainly not going to do it sitting on my (ample) butt.

Up and at 'em.

I was actively rolling at 11:30 and I made it home at 12:05. Not bad. Plus, I didn't coast. Well, I did coast over the spots which are so bumpy that sitting on the seat and pedalling will make your crotch get up and leave you forever, and I coasted past the sweet little old lady pumping along on her walker. Plus, I had to wait for a second cycle of the light at the one intersection with a light. I'm not great at starting off. *facepalm*

Then, once home, I swept up the back yard. I haven't put all the sweepings into the greenwaste bin. I might decide to be lazy and ask Geordie to do it. *is lazy*

I should go take a shower now!


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tamdoll said...

I wish I could bike where I live - it's so hilly & I'm really scared of the down-hill speeds! I got my bike when I lived in NY & now I've given it to my girls. It must be nice to ride outside & enjoy the fresh air, you're sure to have fun with it!

Thanks for the comment at my blog, that's pretty funny, seeing how I was in CA.