Monday, April 05, 2010

On Vacation

We're in New Hampshire, visiting friends.  I've managed to eat several meals, including a lovely lobster.

I've also stopped into one of the local craft stores. 

Not a bad haul, all things told.  I'm hoping to use the book titled 'Dreams' (it's an empty dollar photobook) to make a quick scrapbook of the trip.  I can't print pictures yet, but I'm trying to collect lots of memorabilia to fill pages.

The colored pencil by numbers is an easter gift for my daughter, who used to love paint by numbers. 

On the first day we were here, we went to a local farm which serves a lovely fresh breakfast with all sorts of different flavors of pancakes.  (Cornmeal was especially tasty - I have made it with blueberries at home.  NOM.)  They have a small petting zoo outside in back, for little kids, and my 17 year old daughter spent every quarter between the five of us on the goats.

The goats were very appreciative!!

We're going to Boston tomorrow, to go to the aquarium and see a friend of mine.  I'll take pictures and see if I can't get them up for you.

Have a great week.


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