Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Quick and easy dinner: Carbonara

So, we're going on a long vacation (I'll be posting during the trip, but mostly pretty pictures of the American East Coast) in a couple of days. I'm trying to clean out the fridge by either using everything in a meal or by freezing things which will freeze.

We had a bunch of bacon to use and my daughter's favorite meal uses bacon, so tonight's dinner was Carbonara. It's quick, easy, and very filling. It's not the healthiest meal, though.

You'll need bacon, eggs, milk, parmesan, pasta and an appetite.

First, cut meaty bacon into small strips - I cut off all the fat I can. Start water boiling for pasta at the same time. You'll need it ready to go once the bacon and eggs and cheese are mixed together.

Then take several eggs (I had 5 left, so I used them all). Beat them, then add milk. You're basically making scrambled eggs, so use whatever are your preferred proportions for that.

Mix in some grated parmesan - I like the good stuff, and I use a wide blade micro-plane grater.

(I think the cheese looks pretty, so I took another picture.)

Add the bacon to the eggs/milk/cheese.

Drain the pasta, then put it into the pan you cooked the bacon in.

Mix in the eggs and bacon mixture.

Cook everything together, over low heat, until the eggs turn creamy and coat the pasta.

Serve it up and enjoy! Mmmm, delicious.

I still have an awful lot to get done - I haven't finished the lace shawl I'm making as a gift for the friends we're staying with. I want to finish it by tomorrow, so I'll be staying up late tonight knitting. Hmmm, brainless TV, here I come.


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Gail said...

Just found your blog...lovely!

This looks delicious! I am a bacon brother turned me on to Hormel's "range" bacon. It's simply incredible. I can't seem to find it anywhere in the Colorado area...which is probably a good thing as it costs 13 dollars a pound! And, well, it's not that great for a person who could eat the whole pound by myself!!! Ha!

Happy crafting!