Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kitchen Mat

So, our fridge was having deepseated emotional problems, so our landlords said they'd give us a new one.  I stared around at my kitchen, realised I needed to clean it up and ... decided that the logical first step was to sew a new kitchen mat.  I saw this tutorial on Sew Mama Sew a while ago, but didn't bother to look at it again today.

I started with a pretty fabric for backing

and started piecing fabric together to make a fun, bright front.

I always enjoy sewing the different fabrics together.

I used to iron my seams to one side or another, but recently have found that ironing them open is much better for me.

I like quilting in gentle curving lines for something like this - noting too complicated, but definitely interesting to look at.

 This is what the quilting looked like near the end.

Trimming the edges square was a bit tricky; my rotary cutter didn't like cutting through the towel I used as the batting.

I put on a pretty mottled blue pre-made binding.

Sewing on the binding is not my favorite part, but ...

It does look pretty when it's on, doesn't it?

And, here's the mat in its new home.

To top it all off?  The fridge the landlords gave us is too small, so we'll be buying a new one, all for our own!  I wonder if I'll need another mat.  *grin*


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lemon Pound Cake

Well, the lemon pound cake was a rousing success.  I made one to bring with us and my family wore sad, puppy-dog faces all the way home to ensure I made another one for us to have at home.

So, I did.  (I got the recipe here Lemon Pound Cake, but I made a couple of changes (largely through a lucky error in the first cake).  I used the entire 3/4C lemon juice in the cake, and I also used all 2 1/2C sugar in the cake (can you tell I was in a hurry the first time I made it and didn't pay enough attention to the recipe?), but that balances out the extra lemon juice well.

Also, I stabbed a million holes in the bottom of the warm cake to pour the syrup in - but I left it in the pan while I did it, so I could leave the cake to cool there and it would absorb more of the syrup.  This means that the cake is mostly lemony and cool, but there are sharp bursts of lemony goodness throughout.) 

First, I zested a million lemons.

Then, I squeezed that entire pile of lemons! 

The batter was beaten until light and fluffy,

then I added zest to it ... to make it zesty!

I oiled and floured the bundt pan,

filled it with delicious lemon batter

and it came out looking tasty and warm.

After it cooled a bit, I got it ready to ice

and made sure to use every bit of powdered sugar left in the box!

The final cake...

won't last much longer.  It's amazing what a slice of cake will do to a person's mood.  *grin*

I've finished knitting the cat bed and run it through the washer.  As soon as it's done drying on a plate (to keep it round and flat), I'll show you.  I do hope the kitties like it.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Home

I've planned and thought and sketched and played with ideas, but really, there's no way to start except to start.  So, here's my new home.  It looks unfinished, doesn't it?  I'll decorate soon.  Curtains, I think this blog needs.  And a nice rug.

I have so many projects working right now that I can't even think of all of them.  Luckily enough for me, I've finished a few recently, so I can at least start with something to show for my time. 

I made this for a friend who's just had her first child.  I hope the baby enjoys it.  I'm sure she'll enjoy the blanket that it came with:

I like making rag quilts; the way they get softer and better each time they get washed is wonderful.  

Right now, however, I have to bike to the store for more lemons.  I made a lemon pound cake yesterday to give to friends and now my family wants one for us.  I think I used 12 lemons!

See you soon.