Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kitchen Mat

So, our fridge was having deepseated emotional problems, so our landlords said they'd give us a new one.  I stared around at my kitchen, realised I needed to clean it up and ... decided that the logical first step was to sew a new kitchen mat.  I saw this tutorial on Sew Mama Sew a while ago, but didn't bother to look at it again today.

I started with a pretty fabric for backing

and started piecing fabric together to make a fun, bright front.

I always enjoy sewing the different fabrics together.

I used to iron my seams to one side or another, but recently have found that ironing them open is much better for me.

I like quilting in gentle curving lines for something like this - noting too complicated, but definitely interesting to look at.

 This is what the quilting looked like near the end.

Trimming the edges square was a bit tricky; my rotary cutter didn't like cutting through the towel I used as the batting.

I put on a pretty mottled blue pre-made binding.

Sewing on the binding is not my favorite part, but ...

It does look pretty when it's on, doesn't it?

And, here's the mat in its new home.

To top it all off?  The fridge the landlords gave us is too small, so we'll be buying a new one, all for our own!  I wonder if I'll need another mat.  *grin*


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Anonymous said...

what size did you sew your kitchen mat?