Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Home

I've planned and thought and sketched and played with ideas, but really, there's no way to start except to start.  So, here's my new home.  It looks unfinished, doesn't it?  I'll decorate soon.  Curtains, I think this blog needs.  And a nice rug.

I have so many projects working right now that I can't even think of all of them.  Luckily enough for me, I've finished a few recently, so I can at least start with something to show for my time. 

I made this for a friend who's just had her first child.  I hope the baby enjoys it.  I'm sure she'll enjoy the blanket that it came with:

I like making rag quilts; the way they get softer and better each time they get washed is wonderful.  

Right now, however, I have to bike to the store for more lemons.  I made a lemon pound cake yesterday to give to friends and now my family wants one for us.  I think I used 12 lemons!

See you soon.


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