Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy few weeks

I've been busy the past few weeks with non-crafty stuff.  I did make some things:

I love Coin Quilts, but I'm interested in quick results, so I made this quilt top from 6 fat quarters and some white dot yardage I had already. I'm planning on making a quick tutorial - I can't be the only person who's looking for something fast, fun and colorful.  Plus, I'll be making more of these!

I love math and science - so the thought of making a crocheted hyperbolic plane, something that's the opposite of Euclidean geometry, made me very happy.  Again, I'll be making more.  Lots more.

We got a new fridge (it's seriously ginormous - I think you could fit enough food in it to feed a family of a zillion).  However, we needed to put new light switches in, so I made a quick, pretty new cover.

I have lots of other things to post about, but I have chemistry homework to do.  Anyone want to do it for me?


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