Sunday, May 23, 2010

Working steadily

I've been doing lots of work, but not enough housework. (I can say that the dishwasher's missing a piece, which is true, but it's not a valid excuse as I know perfectly well how to wash dishes by hand.) There's soo much laundry to fold!

I have been working, slowly, on making nicer things for us to use in the house - napkins and placemats and coasters. I've only made the two but I finally have cork and cardboard to back them.

However, I finally have my first embroidery pattern set ready to go into my shop!! I'm so excited!

It's four cute little voodoo baby dolls, each sized perfectly to fit into a 4" hoop or to use as the center patch in a pillow. I really enjoyed every part of the process.

I have a couple of other sets of embroidery patterns in the works - the hardest part of this for me is writing them up afterwards.


Something I'm trying to do is bring ATC cards with me so that whenever I have a free minute, I can doodle. This sometimes ends up like this:

I'm not sure if it worked. What do you think?



Julie Collings said...

your embroidery stitching is gorgeous! perfectly even and lovely.
best wishes, julie

SongBird said...

Julie - Thanks so much! I really enjoy embroidery, and am always impressed by how many people can make backstitch look even. Mine always looks uneven.